Photogrammetry has now become a must-have in every surveyor's toolkit. DJI drones and cameras can capture detailed imagery from the air with excellent accuracy using easy-to-fly, inexpensive equipment like the Phantom 4 Pro which is equipped with a mechanical shutter 1" sensor and captures 20MP stills. These features make them perfect for photogrammetry. 

Using a system such as PPK offers 3cm level accuracy which can be achieved without the need for ground control. We recommend installing the PPK system on the Matrice 200, a powerful aerial imaging tool perfect for surveying tasks in challenging scenarios. The Matrice 200 series has is IP43 weatherproofed rated and is equipped with added on-site safety redundancy features, such as a dual battery system and ESC backup and includes an ADS-B receiver for enhanced airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft. For larger jobs, the Matrice 200 has the ability to extend flight time using high capacity TB55s which can provide up to 38 minutes flying time.

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