The presence of drones in surveying projects means significant changes within the industry. Surveyors are embracing drone technology for more accuracy and efficiency in a range of projects, and photogrammetry has now become a must-have in every surveyor's toolkit.  

At DJI Ferntech, our team work closely with surveyors to help them achieve what was once out of reach. Our clients have utilised drones for a range of activities, including project planning, site mapping, tracking progress, inspection, and more.

DJI drones and cameras can capture detailed imagery from the air with excellent accuracy using easy-to-fly, inexpensive equipment like the Phantom 4 RTK or more advanced crafts like the Matrice 200.

To find out which drone is right for your project, get in touch with our Commercial Solutions team on 0800 787 623 or visit our commercial site for case studies and various applications of drones in the Surveying industry.