Insta360 Pet Harness Mount Size M


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Get unique viewpoints of your furry friend, with collar and back mounting options.

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  • Get unique viewpoints of your furry friend, with collar and back mounting options.
  • Supports medium size pets.
  • Snap-in design, adjustable and breathable straps for easy installation and removal.
  • Removable back support bar for a wider field of view.
  • Lightweight, soft rubber base design fits your pet's body snugly while keeping the camera safe.




1. Ensure the Neck and Belly Straps are around the same length on both sides to keep the camera level and prevent tilting.

2. For best filming results, avoid having the Pet Harness Mount too loose, as this can cause the camera to tilt. Tighten the straps as much as possible while still making your pet comfortable.

3. If your pet shows any signs of discomfort or abnormal behavior, remove the Pet Harness Mount.

4. The Pet Harness Mount is washable, but avoid washing it with cotton items to prevent the color from bleeding onto other clothes.

5. If you have difficulty installing or removing the Back 3-Prong Base, insert one Thumb Screw and then try to install/remove it.

6. Install the camera as shown in the instructions to avoid it accidentally falling off.

7. If you are not shooting a back perspective, remove the Riding Back Extension Support Rod Base to remove some of the extra weight and avoid accidents.

8. Mounting the GO 3 camera horizontally or vertically doesn't change the aspect ratio; you need to set it manually in settings. The aspect ratio for the GO 3S camera mounted horizontally is 16:9; when mounted vertically, it is 9:16.

9. After installing the Action Mount, ensure the camera's top microphone and bottom speaker aren't covered to ensure optimal audio quality.

10. When installing or removing the camera, gently widen the Action Mount to fit the camera. Avoid stretching it too far to prevent deformation or breakage.

11. The back of the camera is used for heat dissipation and can get hot during use. Avoid direct skin contact after use.


*Product Cleaning and Care:

1. Hand wash separately in cold water or neutral detergent, do not machine wash.

2. Avoid prolonged soaking.

3. Avoid using bleaching detergent.

4. Hang in a cool, ventilated place to dry, do not dry in the sun.

5. Do not wring dry.

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