Trinity Pro – The Next Evolution In Fixed-Wing VTOL Drones

As the authorised reseller of Trinity Pro by Quantum Systems GmbH, we’re proud to bring this revolutionary platform to industries across the nation. Trinity Pro's arrival in New Zealand marks a significant stride towards realizing the full potential of aerial intelligence. With its broad range of sensors, adaptive design, and user-centric approach, Trinity Pro represents the next generation in fixed-wing VTOL drones. Read on to find out more about this exciting new aerial intelligence technology.


Enhanced hardware-software synthesis

Trinity Pro is an advanced unmanned aerial system (UAS) which provides additional connectivity, and accelerates decision-making. Utilising a Linux mission computer, the Trinity Pro’s Quantum-Skynode autopilot provides additional onboard computing power, increased internal storage, versatility, and seamless interoperability. These advanced avionics systems enable AI-readiness for the platform, support for downstream integration of next-generation sensors and provide improved safety features during field operations.

Trinity Pro's new capabilities include planning functions for missions requiring take-off and landing at different locations, allowing for efficient and safe long corridor flights and BVLOS operations. The platform also includes advanced self-diagnostics for smooth and safe operation, as well as Quantum-Systems’ proprietary operations software, QBase 3D.

Trinity Pro launches alongside a new customer portal, an online solution for managing individual drones and fleets, training, and support activities. Users can easily access support, training materials, documentation, and online courses to enhance their skills and earn certifications.


Technical advancements

Trinity Pro now includes an enhanced terrain-following system, which significantly improves safety during operations. Additionally, improvements to trigger point calculations results in improved image overlap and higher data quality. Trinity Pro also features automatic wind simulation for crash avoidance in bad weather and a linear approach for landing.

Furthermore, Trinity Pro is equipped with a downward facing LiDAR scanner that provides highly accurate ground avoidance and landing control. The system features USB-C ports for faster data transfer. Trinity Pro is protected against dust and water damage and features increased wind limits of up to 14 m/s in cruise mode (handling gusts up to 18m/s) and 11 m/s during hover.

With drone adoption continuing to rise, the release of Trinity Pro offers another incredible aerial solution for our customers. Whether you are carrying out mapping, surveying, forestry, utilities, or construction projects, Trinity Pro’s longer flight times, increased flight safety, and data capture capabilities make it the ideal drone for a wide range of industries.


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