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New Zealand farmers are increasingly adopting spray drones for land management, adopting this new technology for a range of benefits over traditional boom sprayers and helicopters. Ferntech have sold and supported 8 generations of DJI Agras spray drones since 2016, and we're excited to bring the latest spray drones to New Zealand.

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DJI Agras Live Drone Demos – Register Now


DJI Agriculture drones are the ultimate aerial solution, combining automated features and precision systems to deliver more accurate and efficient spraying and spreading. Ready to see the new Agras T50 & T25 spray drones in action? Sign up below:







Benefits of DJI Agras Spray Drones


Time and cost savings: Combining accuracy with increased spray flow and spread rates, the new T50 and T25 spray drones can cover more hectares per hour, dramatically reducing the time and cost of agriculture spraying operations compared to more traditional methods such as boom sprayers and helicopters.

Zero ground compaction: This means no yield loss and no machine wear from ground impacts – particularly so for small plot, broad acre drone spraying.

Save on chemicals and water: With their propellers only 3m above the ground, these drones force the droplets down and circulate them to get more liquid in the right areas. With this approach, you can achieve your desired results using less water and chemicals.

Better access: Spray drones can get into difficult to access areas such as hills or gullies, and allow you to spray closer to other obstacles such as trees or fence lines.

Lower carbon emissions: With no need for fuel, these electric UAVs drastically decrease the environmental impact of your agriculture operations.

Safety: Drone spraying allows you to stand back at a distance, reducing risk of chemical exposure. In addition, you reduce the risks that come with driving a tractor or walking along difficult terrain.

Availability: Having your own T50 or T25 means you can easily and quickly spray and spread at any time – you set your own schedule, instead of waiting for spray contractors or helicopters that have limited timeframes.

Centimeter accuracy and precision: With in-built RTK, these drones are highly accurate spraying and spreading machines. Connect to an RTK base station and achieve centimetre accuracy with your precision spraying and spreading operations.



DJI Agras T40 Spray Drone In Action




Pathway to Agriculture Drones in New Zealand

As adoption of agricultural spray drones increases across New Zealand, it's important to be aware of the different steps required to become fully compliant and capable of operating this game-changing technology. From Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations to training and certification, it can be tricky to keep up with everything.

Whether you already own an agricultural spray drone, or are in the process of getting one, we've prepared a handy guide to help you get started. Check out our Complete Pathway to Using an Agricultural Spray Drone blog now, and get in touch with our team if you have additional questions or need direct assistance – we're happy to help!


DJI Agras T50 Spray Drone Overview



DJI Agras T50 elevates drone agricultural operations to new heights, combining a powerful coaxial twin-rotor propulsion system and a split-type torque resistant structure for next level stability while spraying up to 24 L/min for maximum coverage. DJI Agras T50 leverages a Dual Atomising Spraying System, Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, and a Binocular Vision System, and excels across multiple scenarios – from surveying to spraying and spreading – guaranteeing stable operations and steady performance.




DJI Agras T25 Spray Drone Overview



DJI Agras T25 redefines standards for compact agricultural drones. Light and nimble, DJI Agras T25 can easily be handled by one person, and can can spray up to 24 L/min for maximum coverage. Equipped with Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, a Binocular Vision System, and a high resolution FPV gimbal camera, the DJI Agras T25 supports multiple missions – from surveying and mapping to spraying and spreading – and excels across a variety of terrains.


Looking for a reliable drone for agricultural spraying? Check out our range of DJI Agras spray drones – the perfect solution for high-efficiency crop management – and get in touch today to find out more, or sign up to our nationwide Agras Live Drone Demos to see the Agras T50 and Agras T25 spray drones in action.


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Agricultural spray drones are becoming increasingly popular, but operating these drones requires CAA compliance, training, and certification. Follow our handy guide to get set up correctly.