DJI Agras Spray Drones | DJI Ferntech

New Zealand farmers are increasingly adopting spray drones for land management. Ferntech have sold and supported 8 generations of DJI Agras spray drones since 2016. DJI Agricultural drones stand out for their precision spraying systems and automated features, ensuring accurate and even distribution of chemicals. The latest models The T50 and T25 can spray up to 24 L/min for maximum coverage.

The utilisation of DJI Agras spray drones enhances chemical application efficiency while minimizing over-spraying. Excelling in challenging landscapes, these drones offer an eco-friendly solution, reducing carbon emissions as they are electric vehicles. Additionally, they present a more economical alternative to boom sprayers and helicopters, while also mitigating ground compaction, thus reducing crop damage in wet conditions.

Looking for a reliable drone for agricultural spraying? Check out our range of DJI Agras spray drones - the perfect solution for high-efficiency crop management - and get in touch today to find out more or Request a Demo.