GNSS Receivers for Surveying | DJI Ferntech

Emlid Reach RS3 GNSS Receiver


Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS Receiver


Emlid Reach RX


Emlid RTK RS3 Rover


Emlid RTK RS3 Base Station Kit


Emlid RTK RS2+ Rover


Emlid RTK RS2+ Base Station Kit


Emlid RS2+ Base and Rover Survey System


DJI D-RTK 2 Base Station


DJI D-RTK 2 Base Station Combo


Emlid UHF 410-470 MHz Antenna


Emlid Reach RS3/RS2+ LoRa antenna


Tribrach with Optical Plummet


Rotating Tribrach Adapter


Pix4D viDoc RTK Rover

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Extension Pole (30cm)




Aluminium Tripod