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The DJI Mini 2 SE is the latest drone from DJI that’s packed with features yet easy to fly.

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Under 249 g

Easy To Use

10km Video Transmission

Intelligent Modes

31-Min Max Flight Time

38kph (Level-5) Wind Resistance



A Perspective Far Above Ordinary

Light and Portable

Just how light is DJI Mini 2 SE? At less than 249 g, it weighs about as much as an apple and fits in the palm of your hand. Compact and convenient, Mini 2 SE is your ideal travel companion, transforming how you capture your favourite moments.

Up to 10km HD Video Transmission

Mini 2 SE supports up to 10 km of HD video transmission and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, giving you the ability to fly farther and see clearer.

31-Min Max Flight Time

With a max battery life of 31 minutes, Mini 2 SE grants more than enough time to compose the perfect shot.

Robust Flying

Mini 2 SE flies steady and reliably and keeps your footage stable even when flying in environments with level-5 winds, up to 38kph.



Creativity, Simplified
Smart features let you nail flight on your very first try.


The DJI Fly app comes with clear instructions and easy-to-follow flying tutorials covering all the tips you need to get started.

Take Off/Land with One Tap

Press and hold the takeoff/landing icon, and the aircraft will automatically take off or land.

Stable Hovering

With a combination of GNSS, downward vision, and infrared sensing systems, the aircraft can hover stably in the air.

Return to Home

Smart RTH, Low Battery RTH, and Failsafe RTH give you more confidence and peace of mind during flight.



Boost Your Inspiration with Intelligent Modes
Getting your dream shot is easier than you think.


With just a few taps, DJI Mini 2 SE automatically records and shoots professional-level videos to share directly on social media. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced flyer, the DJI Fly app helps you to produce impressive results complete with soundtracks and filters.


Select from Sphere, Wide Angle, and 180° panoramas, and Mini 2 SE will do the rest, generating a panoramic masterpiece effortlessly with one tap.



Powerful Gimbal Camera
Relive your best moments with high-quality footage.

3-Axis Gimbal

With a 3-axis mechanical stabilization system, Mini 2 SE ensures consistently smooth imagery no matter how adventurous you get.

Clear and Crisp Imagery

The equipped 1/2.3-inch CMOS camera delivers 12MP photos and up to 2.7K videos.
Record beautiful moments with family and friends, or capture the full scope of natural scenery on a trip, DJI Mini 2 SE can add something special to any creative idea.

4× Zoom

4× Zoom enables you to transition between shots of varying distance and composition when shooting HD videos. That means you can capture clear, stunningly vivid footage of your kids, fluffy friends, or architecture from a safe distance.

Product Specifications


Takeoff Weight: 246 g
The standard weight of the aircraft (including the Intelligent Flight Battery, propellers, and a microSD card). The actual product weight may vary due to differences in batch materials and external factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. Please check local laws and regulations before use.
Dimensions: Folded (without propellers): 138×81×58 mm (L×W×H)
Unfolded (with propellers): 245×289×56 mm (L×W×H)
Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s
Max Descent Speed: 3.5 m/s
Max Horizontal Speed (at sea level, no wind): 16 m/s
The max horizontal speed is subject to dynamic local restrictions. Please abide by local laws and regulations when flying.
Max Takeoff Altitude: 4000 m
2000 m when taking off with propeller guards.
Max Flight Time: 31 minutes
Measured in a controlled test environment. Specific test conditions are as follows: flying forward at a constant speed of 17 kph in a windless laboratory environment, in photo mode (without photo taking operation during flight), and from 100% battery level until 0%. Results may vary depending on the environment, actual use, and firmware version.
Max Wind Speed Resistance: 10.7 m/s (Level 5)
Max Tilt Angle: 40°
Operating Temperature: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Global Navigation Satellite System: GPS + GLONASS + Galileo
Hovering Accuracy Range: Vertical:
±0.1 m (with vision positioning)
±0.5 m (with GNSS positioning)

±0.3 m (with vision positioning)
±1.5 m (with GNSS positioning)
Internal Storage: N/A



Image Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 12 MP
Lens: FOV: 83°
Format Equivalent: 24 mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Focus: 1 m to ∞
ISO Range: Video:
Shutter Speed: Electronic Shutter: 4-1/8000 s
Max Image Size: 4000×3000
Still Photography Modes: Single Shot: 12 MP
Timed: 12 MP
JPEG: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
JPEG + RAW: 5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 12 MP, 3 frames at 2/3 EV step
Panorama: Sphere, 180°, and Wide Angle
Photo Format: JPEG/DNG (RAW)
Video Resolution: 2.7K: 2720×1530@24/25/30 fps
FHD: 1920×1080@24/25/30/48/50/60 fps
Video Format: MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
Max Video Bitrate: 40 Mbps
Supported File System: FAT32 (≤ 32 GB)
exFAT (> 32 GB)
Digital Zoom: 2.7K: 3×
FHD: 4×
Color Mode: Normal
QuickShots Modes: Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang



Stabilization: 3-axis mechanical gimbal (tilt, roll, and pan)
Mechanical Range: Tilt: -110° to 35°
Roll: -35° to 35°
Pan: -20° to 20°
Controllable Range: Tilt:
-90° to 0° (default)
-90° to 20° (extended)
Max Control Speed (tilt): 100°/s
Angular Vibration Range: ±0.01°



Downward: Precise Hovering Range: 0.5-10 m
Operating Environment: Downward:
surfaces with discernible patterns, diffuse reflectivity >20% (e.g., walls, trees, people), and adequate lighting (lux >15)


Video Transmission

Video Transmission System: DJI O2
Live View Quality: Remote Controller:
Operating Frequency: 2.400-2.4835 GHz
5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.400-2.4835 GHz:
≤ 26 dBm (FCC)
≤ 20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)

5.725-5.850 GHz:
≤ 26 dBm (FCC/SRRC)
≤ 14 dBm (CE)
Max Transmission Distance (free of interference): FCC: 10 km
CE: 6 km
SRRC: 6 km
MIC: 6 km
Measured in an unobstructed outdoor environment free of interference. The above data shows the farthest communication range for one-way, non-return flights under each standard. During your flight, please pay attention to RTH reminders in the DJI Fly app.
Max Transmission Distance (with interference): Strong Interference: urban landscape, approx. 1.5-3 km
Medium Interference: suburban landscape, approx. 3-6 km
Low Interference: suburb/seaside, approx. 6-10 km
Data tested under FCC standard in unobstructed environments with typical interference. Used for reference purposes only and provides no guarantee for actual flight distance.
Lowest Latency: Approx. 200 ms (Depending on the actual environment and mobile device).



Capacity: 2250 mAh
Weight: 82.5 g
Nominal Voltage: 7.7 V
Max Charging Voltage: 8.8 V
Type: Li-ion
Energy: 17.32 Wh
Charging Temperature: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)


Battery Charging Hub

Input: 5 V, 3 A
9 V, 3 A
12 V, 3 A
Output: USB-A:
Max Voltage: 5 V; Max Current: 2 A
Charging Type: Three batteries charged in sequence



Recommended microSD Cards: 

16 GB:
SanDisk Extreme

32 GB:
Samsung PRO Endurance
Samsung EVO Plus
SanDisk Industrial
SanDisk Extreme V30 A2
SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A1
SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A2
Lexar 633x
Lexar 667x

64 GB:
Samsung PRO Endurance
Samsung EVO Plus
SanDisk Extreme V30 A1
SanDisk Extreme V30 A2
Lexar 633x
Lexar 667x
Lexar 1000x
Lexar High Endurance
Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1
Netac Pro V30 A1

128 GB:
Samsung EVO Plus
SanDisk Extreme V30 A2
SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A1
SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A2
Lexar 633x
Lexar 667x
Lexar 1000x
Lexar High Endurance
Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1
Netac Pro V30 A1

SanDisk Extreme V30 A2


Remote Controller

Max Operating Time: DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller
Without charging any mobile device: 6 hours
When charging a mobile device: 4 hours
Max Supported Mobile Device Size: DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller
180×86×10 mm (L×W×H)
Operating Temperature: DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller
-10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
Transmitter Power (EIRP): DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller
2.400-2.4835 GHz:
≤ 26 dBm (FCC)
≤ 20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)

5.725-5.850 GHz:
≤26 dBm (FCC)
≤23 dBm (SRRC)
≤14 dBm (CE)

In the box

DJI Mini 2 SE × 1
DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller × 1
DJI RC-N1 RC Cable (USB-C Connector) × 1
DJI RC-N1 RC Cable (Lightning Connector) × 1
DJI RC-N1 RC Cable (Standard Micro-USB Connector) × 1
DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery × 3
Spare Propellers (Pair) × 3
Spare Screws × 18
Gimbal Protector × 1
Screwdriver × 1
USB-C Data Cable × 1
Propeller Holder × 1
Shoulder Bag × 1
DJI Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub × 1


By buying from Ferntech, you'll have the confidence that you are dealing directly with New Zealand's leading drone experts. Our staff are knowledgable drone pilots who offer expert advice, trusted support and superior specialist service. Only through us will you receive a full New Zealand warranty, phone and email support, and access to our certified Repairs Centre with DJI-qualified drone technicians. And we guarantee that we will have the best prices on the market — if not let us know and we will match any price (conditions apply).


Warranty Details


How do I turn on DJI Mini 2 SE after unboxing?: To ensure transportation safety, the DJI Mini 2 SE batteries are set to hibernation mode before shipping.
Before using, insert the battery into the aircraft or charging hub, and connect the battery charger to charge and activate the battery.
After activating the battery, press the power button once and then press again and hold for two seconds to turn on the aircraft.

How do I activate DJI Mini 2 SE?: Connect your mobile device (connected to the internet) with the remote controller, and then connect to DJI Mini 2 SE via the DJI Fly app. Follow the instructions in the app to activate DJI Mini 2 SE.

Is DJI Mini 2 SE waterproof?: No. Avoid contact with water during use as it may lead to damage of the device.
If it rains during flight, please return and land as soon as possible, and wait until the aircraft is fully dry inside before using it again.

Before using DJI Mini 2 SE, what app do I need to install?: DJI Mini 2 SE can only be used with the DJI Fly app. You can download the latest version of DJI Fly from the DJI Mini 2 SE Downloads page of on the DJI official website.

What is the wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 2 SE?: The max wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 2 SE is 10.7 m/s (Level 5).
* Wind resistance is dependent upon propulsion. In strong winds, due to the lightweight nature of the drone, slight vibration is expected. High-powered propulsion ensures the drone hovers stably or returns to home safely. DJI Mini 2 SE automatically controls the gimbal to adjust slightly to ensure that the footage is always stable and not affected by the wind.

Compared with DJI Mini SE, what upgrades does DJI Mini 2 SE have?: 1. Fully upgraded video transmission. Enhanced Wi-Fi transmission has been upgraded to DJI O2, delivering better anti-interference and video transmission performance and up to 10 km of transmission distance (when unobstructed, free of interference, and FCC-compliant).
2. More creative options. DJI Mini 2 SE supports more shooting functions, including panorama, AEB, 4× digital zoom, RAW photos and Boomerang mode of QuickShots.
3. Upgraded propulsion. DJI Mini 2 SE supports up to 10.7 m/s (Level 5) wind resistance and a max takeoff altitude of 4000 m.

I am a drone beginner, how can I get started with DJI Mini 2 SE quickly?: The DJI Fly app comes with clear instructions and flying tutorials covering all tips useful for beginners.
Tap the icon in the top right corner to enter Academy and view product tutorials, flight tips, flight safety notices, and user manuals.

Is the DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo worth buying?: DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo includes some must-have accessories that will make flying easier and more enjoyable. Compared to the standard combo, the combo additionally offers two Intelligent Flight Batteries, two pairs of spare propellers, 12 screws, a Two-Way Charging Hub, a Propeller Guard, and a Shoulder Bag, improving your experience with storage, carrying, and use.

I am new to drones, what accessories are recommended?: microSD card: DJI Mini 2 SE does not have internal storage. Without a microSD card inserted, users can only capture single, low-quality photos or record 720p videos. The files will be directly stored on the mobile device. A microSD card can expand the storage of Mini 2 SE and unlock all its creative functions while providing space for the original photos and videos captured.
360° Propeller Guard*: Fully wraps the propellers for added safety, suitable for flying indoors and in scenarios with obstacles.
Two-way Charging Hub: Holds three batteries and charges them in sequence, and can be used as a mobile power source to charge a remote controller, smartphone, and other devices.
* Only available in certain countries and regions.

What useful shooting functions does DJI Mini 2 SE provide?: DJI Mini 2 SE provides several intelligent shooting modes like QuickShots and panorama, allowing beginners to create impressive aerial imagery effortlessly.
QuickShots modes include Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang. With just a few taps, DJI Mini 2 SE automatically shoots and generates videos with soundtracks and filters, letting you share directly or further edit in the app.
Select from Sphere, Wide-Angle, and 180° panoramas, tap start, and DJI Mini 2 SE automatically generates a panoramic masterpiece from scratch to post.


Does DJI Mini 2 SE support manual mode for shooting photos and videos?
Yes. You can manually set camera parameters like shutter speed, ISO, and white balance in the DJI Fly app.

Does DJI Mini 2 SE support panorama?
Yes. It supports Sphere, 180°, and Wide-Angle.

Does DJI Mini 2 SE support QuickShots?
Yes. The QuickShots modes include Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang.


Propulsion and Battery

What is the maximum flight altitude of DJI Mini 2 SE?
The maximum flight altitude is 500 m for safety reasons. Due to local laws and regulations, the maximum flight altitude may vary in different countries and regions. Before flying, please always check local laws and regulations.

How often do the DJI Mini 2 SE propellers need to be replaced? How can I change the propellers?
Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws. If any of these conditions are present, the propellers should be replaced. Follow the instructions in the user manual to replace the propellers.
Use the included screwdriver to change the propellers. Please follow the instructions provided. Remove the two blades and screws from the motor, and replace with the new propellers and screws. Attach the marked propellers to the marked motors, and the unmarked propellers to the unmarked motors. Ensure that the propellers and motors are installed securely before each flight.

Can I use other USB-C chargers to charge DJI Mini 2 SE?
Yes. To ensure charging speed, it is recommended to use USB PD or QC chargers.

What are the functions of the Two-Way Charging Hub?
The Two-Way Charging Hub supports QC and USB PD fast-charging protocols, and can charge up to three batteries in sequence. You can also use it for battery storage or as a power bank (storing at least one battery with ample power) to charge your mobile device or remote controller via the USB-A port.


Remote Controller and Image Transmission

What advantages does DJI O2 have compared to enhanced Wi-Fi?
DJI O2 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. It features stronger interference resistance due to automatic frequency switching, delivering video transmission feeds at up to 10 km (when unobstructed, free of interference, and FCC-compliant).

What remote controllers are compatible with DJI Mini 2 SE?
DJI Mini 2 SE supports DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller.

How can I improve signal reception?
The smartphone clamp of the remote controller houses the antennas. Make sure that the antennas are pointed toward the aircraft.
Check the user manual for more information about setting the antenna direction.
Additionally, 2.4/5.8 GHz wireless devices can cause interference to the signal. Please avoid high-density Wi-Fi signal sources, and consider turning off the Bluetooth on your mobile devices, as well as idle Bluetooth devices.


Firmware Update

How do I update the firmware of DJI Mini 2 SE?
Connect the aircraft with the remote controller. The DJI Fly app will send you a prompt for firmware updates (if new firmware is available). Follow the instructions to update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller, battery, and other modules.

What factors can lead to an update failure?
1. The battery level of the aircraft or remote controller is below 20%.
2. The aircraft or the remote controller is powered off during an update. If this happens, restart the aircraft and remote controller, and try again.
3. The network is disconnected during a firmware download.
4. Your smartphone interface is switched to other applications during a firmware download.
* The aircraft will restart multiple times during an update and automatically power off after completing the update.

DJI mini 2se fly more combo — by Brian Keith Martin on 6 October 2023

Great little drone if you are all tempted by a cheaper Chinese model then take my advice just don't! This model is superior in every way imaginable DJI really have got the full package here sometimes you just have to experience it to believe it.

Awesome Little Drone — by Kay on 22 February 2023

The perfect drone for me, top quality and easy to use product :-) DJI Drones are the best

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