DJI Modify – DJI’s First Intelligent 3D Model Editing Software

Described as a survey version of Photoshop, DJI Modify is an intelligent 3D model editing software that seamlessly integrates with DJI drones and 3D modelling and mapping software, DJI Terra. Read our blog below to learn more about this comprehensive solution for aerial surveying, modelling, and model editing.

“Complex model processing work has been a challenge for the aerial survey industry for a long time. As DJI‘s first intelligent 3D model editing software, DJI Modify has completed the last piece of the puzzle in DJI’s entire enterprise solution from data collection, data processing, to model editing. We believe this will lead the editing of live 3D models to a more intelligent new realm, empowering surveyors, transportation operators, and first responders to improve their workflow.”

– Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI

DJI Modify seamlessly integrates with DJI Terra

With one click, DJI Modify can launch in any DJI Terra 3D modelling project, providing a smooth end-to-end solution from modelling to model editing. Once DJI Modify is enabled, DJI Terra files for model editing are automatically generated, including pre-identified objects and pre-processing of the model. Note: DJI Modify currently only supports repairing models built by DJI Terra.

DJI Modify delivers efficient 3D model editing

Model files can be quickly imported and exported with DJI Modify as ply, obj, and b3dm, etc., for complete compatibility with DJI Terra and other third-party software. In the future, processed models can be shared to the cloud for online viewing and sharing via links without software installation – this option is anticipated to be launched in Q2 of 2024 for international markets.

DJI Modify’s intelligent auto-repair editing supports:

  • Flattening
  • Editing textures
  • Repairing water surfaces
  • Removing floating parts
  • Filling holes


Edits can be made with one-click repairs or manually by selecting custom polygons, areas, or meshes. DJI Modify’s smoother model display technology allows high- and low-quality models to be viewed and edited in a single interface. Changes can then be synchronised across both models and immediately previewed.


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