The presence of drones in construction means significant changes within the New Zealand construction industry. Drones have impacted the way the construction industry operates, and those changes will have continued and lasting effects. From scoping out the big picture above to drastically improving safety and efficiency in your business, drones are a great way to make sure that your construction project is the best it can be. In all these projects, one thing is common, countless legwork, stamina and missed details. Construction projects are complicated, time-consuming & resource-intensive projects.

Drones provide an incredible perspective for overseeing large construction projects. Imagine being able to get a birds-eye view of your whole project site, and being able to monitor the site directly, time and time again. Impress clients with high-quality photography and video, and help your business market themselves in an entirely new way.

At the primary end of the range, the Phantom 4 PRO V2.0 can map your site efficiently, and with high resolution, with the addition of ground control points, these maps are highly accurate so that correct measurements are acquired.

For quarrying and earth moving, the same equipment can be employed to measure stockpiles or cutting of open-cast mines and quarries.

For those who want to operate in more challenging conditions, the Matrice 200 series of craft is weather resistant and can handle strong winds, which means less interruption to your assessment operations. The Matrice is also able to mount a Post Processing Kinematics system, which negates the requirement for ground control points saving both time and money.

From the original design phase and visualising the project site to monitoring project progress, safely looking over hand-to-view areas and even measuring fill content for earthworks, drones are rapidly becoming invaluable to the construction industry.


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