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Please note this does not come with any remote controller. The seal on box will be opened to allow for removal of Controller.

Fly Mini, Create Big




Flight Time


Video Resolution

Control Range


Effective Pixels

34 Min < 249 g 4K HDR up to 12 km  3-axis 48mp


Remarkably Mini

The mini-sized, mega-capable DJI Mini 3 Pro is just as powerful as it is portable. Weighing less than 249 g and with upgraded safety features, it's not only regulation-friendly, it's also the safest in its series. [1] With a 1/1.3-inch sensor and top-tier features, it redefines what it means to fly Mini.


Packed With Performance

Mini 3 Pro sports a completely new look that is optimized to get more out of every flight. With larger propellers, an aerodynamic body tilt, and a powerful obstacle sensing system, the streamlined design allows for increased flight time and safety. 

The reimagined gimbal offers a wider rotation range for low-angle shots and True Vertical Shooting, allowing endless creative opportunities. Every aspect of this facelift has been carefully considered to take Mini to never-before-seen heights.


Fold Up and Go

For creators on the move, hassle-free use is key. Weighing less than 249 g, Mini 3 Pro doesn't require registration in most countries and regions. [1] The foldable and compact design also makes it easy to carry along with you on your next hike, beach day, or an impromptu weekend away. Be ready to capture breathtaking footage when inspiration strikes. 


Sweet Air Time

Capture and explore more of your surroundings with an extended flight time of up to 34 minutes. DJI Mini 3 Pro's Intelligent Flight Battery is ultra-lightweight and has enough power to cover your aerial photography needs.

If you're the kind of person that likes to push each flight to the limit, we've got you covered too. Upgrade to the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus and enjoy care-free exploration for up to 47 minutes.[2]



You Shot That on Mini?!

Fly by Day. Fly by Night

Capture the subtlety of light and shadows as you head out on a day trip.
Shoot with clarity and less noise as evening falls.
Savor the moment, stay true to your creative process, and trust Mini 3 Pro to capture your world.


Pro, and We Mean It

DJI Mini 3 Pro is outstanding in a wide range of lighting conditions, so you can always be ready to create. The 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor features dual native ISO and supports the direct output of HDR footage. [3] Every image is enriched with a higher dynamic range to reveal more detail in highlights and shadows.

Enjoy the high standards of aerial photography with bigger 2.4μm pixels and an aperture ratio of f/1.7. With more light available, your images will appear true-to-life even in low-light scenes.


Aerial Photography, Done Right

Take your content to the next level with stunning 4K HDR video [3] and 48MP RAW photos. Marvel at the rich clarity of every image, even as you zoom in. Or slow things down as the world gets hectic with dramatic 1080p/120fps slow-motion video.


Color Outside the Lines

D-Cinelike Color mode provides more visual information, offering you richer color possibilities and more flexibility when editing.



Peace of Mind as You Fly

Next-Level Safety

Fly with confidence as you navigate the skies. DJI Mini 3 Pro is fully upgraded to support active obstacle sensing and stable video transmission.


Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing

DJI Mini 3 Pro is hands-down our safest Mini to date. Equipped with forward, backward, and downward dual-vision sensors and an all-new aircraft design, it offers a broader sensing range and enhanced safety. 


Did We Mention APAS 4.0?

Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS 4.0) [4] detects objects in the aircraft's flight path in real-time. This allows DJI Mini 3 Pro to avoid obstacles, even in complicated environments.


Clear and Stable From City to Valley

DJI Mini 3 Pro boasts a flagship-level video transmission system in DJI O3. It ensures a 1080p/30fps live feed at distances of up to 12 km. [5] From city views to outdoor adventure, always fly with a crisp and reliable live feed.

Enjoy smooth flying and responsive control with the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller or the new DJI RC. Both controllers offer a max video bitrate of 18 Mbps delivered at an ultra-low latency of 120 ms.



Instantly Share-Worthy

Capture unforgettable content and instantly share your adventure on the go. DJI Mini 3 Pro offers an extensive range of intelligent features so you can add show-stopping moments and creative flair to any video.


Now That's Smart

True Vertical Shooting

Let's try that again in portrait. Quickly switch between landscape and portrait in just a tap. The re-engineered camera gimbal rotates 90°, so you don't have to compromise on image quality. True Vertical Shooting gives you detailed shots, instantly ready for social media.



Find creative ways to follow your subject with FocusTrack. The suite includes ActiveTrack 4.0, Spotlight 2.0, and Point of Interest 3.0, three powerful storytelling tools.



MasterShots is a true game-changer for any beginner aerial photographer. Simply select your subject, and Mini 3 Pro will execute a sequence of pro maneuvers, generating a short cinematic video afterward. There's a good reason why this is a fan favorite.



Speed up time with just a few taps by creating a striking hyperlapse or timelapse video. Capture moving traffic or rolling clouds and inject some drama into your videos.



Instantly ready to share your creations, Mini 3 Pro supports high-speed Wi-Fi downloads at up to 30 Mbps.



Capture the vastness of any landscape with Wide-angle, 180°, Vertical, and Sphere panorama shots.


Digital Zoom

Get closer to your subject with 4x digital zoom. This lets you capture scenes without disturbing them and scout shots from afar.




Take Your Mini to the Max

Expand the way you create and fly with these practical accessories.


DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery Plus[7]

With a 47-minute max flight time, [2] the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus gives you more every time you take off.



Free up your phone with DJI RC. This lightweight remote controller features a built-in screen designed explicitly for DJI Mini 3 Pro. With the DJI Fly app pre-installed, you can focus on flying and save your phone's battery.


Two-Way Charging Hub[7]

This practical charging accessory can hold and power three batteries in sequence. Take it with you to charge your remote controller, smartphone, or other devices when a top-up is needed.


ND Filters Set[7]

Adapt to changing lighting conditions with ND16/64/256 filters and always be ready for the perfect shot.


Wide-Angle Lens[7]

Get more of the scene with the DJI Mini 3 Pro Wide-Angle Lens, expanding your field of view from 75° to 100° when recording videos (16:9).



Under 249 g
Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing
4K HDR Video
Extended Battery Life [2]
True Vertical Shooting




* Please check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations before flying.
** Tested with a production model DJI Mini 3 Pro in a controlled environment. Actual experience may vary depending on the environment, usage, and firmware version.
*** All videos and photos on this page were taken in strict compliance with local laws and regulations.
**** DJI Mini 3 Pro must be activated in the DJI Fly App before use.
1. Standard aircraft weight (including DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, propellers, and a microSD card). The actual product weight may vary due to differences in batch materials and external factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. Check local rules and regulations before use.
2. Measured at a constant speed of 21.6 kph in windless conditions. With DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, the aircraft can fly for up to 34 mins. With the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (sold separately and only in select countries), flight time is extended to up to 47 mins, but the aircraft will weigh more than 249g.
3. HDR video does not support video recording at over 30fps.
4. APAS 4.0 is not available while recording 4K/48fps, 4K/50fps, 4K/60fps, 2.7K/48fps, 2.7K/50fps, 2.7K/60fps and 1080p/120fps video.
5. FCC compliant and with no obstructions in an outdoor open area.
6. FocusTrack is not available while recording 4K/48fps, 4K/50fps, 4K/60fps, 2.7K/48fps, 2.7K/50fps, 2.7K/60fps, 1080p/48fps, 1080p/50fps, 1080p/60fps and 1080p/120fps video.
7. Sold separately. Availability may vary.
8. Requires the purchase of DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC version).


Product Specifications


Takeoff Weight: 249 g[1]
Dimensions (L×W×H):Folded: 145×90×62 mm, Unfolded: 171×245×62 mm, Unfolded (with propellers): 251×362×70 mm
Diagonal Length: 247 mm
Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s (S Mode), 3 m/s (N Mode), 2 m/s (C Mode)
Max Descent Speed:  5 m/s (S Mode, 3 m/s (N Mode), 1.5 m/s (C Mode)
Max Speed (at sea level, no wind)[2]:  16 m/s (S Mode), 0 m/s (N Mode), 6 m/s (C Mode)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level:  With Intelligent Flight Battery: 4000 m, With Intelligent Flight Battery Plus[7]: 3000 m[3]
Max Flight Time:  34 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery and measured while flying at 21.6 kph in windless conditions), 47 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus [7] and measured while flying at 21.6 kph in windless conditions). Only available in select countries.
Max Hovering Time:  30 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery, no wind), 40 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus [7], no wind)
Max Flight Distance:  18 km (with Intelligent Flight Battery and measured while flying at 43.2 kph in windless conditions), 25 km (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus[7] and measured while flying at 43.2 kph in windless conditions)
Max Wind Speed Resistance:  10.7 m/s (Level 5)
Max Tilt Angle: Forward: 40°, Backward: 35° (S Mode), 25° (N Mode), 25° (C Mode)
Max Angular Velocity (by default)*:  130°/s (S Mode), * Can be adjusted between 20°/s to 250°/s in the app, 75°/s (N Mode), * Can be adjusted between 20°/s to 120°/s in the app, 30°/s (C Mode), * Can be adjusted between 20°/s to 60°/s in the app
Operating Temperature: -10° to 40° C 
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): GPS + Galileo + BeiDou
Operation Frequency: 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz[4]
Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.4 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC), <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC), 5.8 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC/SRRC), <14 dBm (CE)
Hovering Accuracy Range: Vertical:±0.1 m (with vision positioning) ±0.5 m (with GNSS positioning), Horizontal: ±0.3 m (with vision positioning) ±0.5 m (with high-precision positioning system)


Sensing System

Forward: Precision Measurement Range: 0.39-25 m, Effective Sensing Speed: Flight speed <10 m/s, FOV: Horizontal 106°, Vertical 90°
Backward: Precision Measurement Range: 0.36-23.4 m, Effective Sensing Speed: Flight speed <10 m/s, FOV: Horizontal 58°, Vertical 73°
Downward:  Precision Measurement Range: 0.15-9 m, Precise Hovering Range: 0.5-12 m, Vision Sensor Hovering Range: 0.5-30 m, Effective Sensing Speed: Flight speed <3 m/s, FOV: Forward/Backward 104.8°, Left/Right 87.6° 
Auxiliary Bottom Light: 
Operating Environment:  Diffuse reflective surface with a clear pattern and reflectivity >20% (such as cement pavement), Adequate lighting (lux >15, e.g. normal exposure environment with indoor fluorescent lamp)


Mechanical Range: Tilt: -135° to 80°, Roll: -135° to 45°, Pan: -30° to 30°
Controllable Range: Tilt: -90° to 60°, Roll: -90° or 0°
Stabilization: 3-axis mechanical gimbal (tilt, roll, and pan)
Max Control Speed (tilt): 100°/s
Angular Vibration Range: ±0.01°


Sensor: 1/1.3-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 48 MP
Lens: FOV: 82.1°, Format Equivalent: 24 mm, Aperture: f/1.7, Focus Range: 1 m to ∞
ISO Range: Video: 100-6400 (Auto), 100-6400 (Manual), Photo: 100-6400 (Auto), 100-6400 (Manual)
Shutter Speed: Electronic Shutter: 2-1/8000 s
Max Image Size: 4:3: 8064×6048 (48 MP), 4032×3024 (12 MP), 16:9: 4032×2268 (12 MP)
Still Photography Modes: Single Shot, Interval:, JPEG: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s, JPEG + RAW: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s, Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 bracketed frames at 2/3 EV Bias, Panorama: Sphere, 180°, Wide-angle, and Vertical
Photo Format: JPEG/DNG (RAW)
Video Resolution: 4K: 3840×2160@24/25/30/48/50/60fps, 2.7K: 2720×1530@24/25/30/48/50/60fps, FHD: 1920×1080@24/25/30/48/50/60fps, Slow Motion: 1920×1080@120fps
HDR Mode: Photo: HDR supported in Single Shot mode, Video: HDR supported when shooting at 24/25/30fps
Video Format: MP4/MOV (H.264/H.265)
Max Video Bitrate: 150 Mbps
Zoom Range: 4K: 2x, 2.7K: 3x, FHD: 4x
QuickShot Modes:Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang, and Asteroid 
Color Profiles: 
Normal, D-Cinelike
Supported File System: FAT32 (≤32 GB), exFAT (>32 GB)

Video Transmission

Video Transmission System: DJI O3
Live View Quality: 1080p/30fps
Operation Frequency: 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz[4]
Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.4 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC), <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC), 5.8 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC/SRRC), <14 dBm (CE)
Communication Bandwidth: 1.4MHz/3MHz/10MHz/20MHz/40MHz
Latency (depending on environmental conditions and mobile device): Aircraft + Remote Controller: Approx. 120 ms
Max Video Bitrate: Aircraft + Remote Controller: 18 Mbps
Max Download Bitrate[5]DJI O3: RC-N1 Remote Controller and DJI RC: 5.5 MB/s, Wi-Fi 5: Max 30 MB/s
Signal Transmission Ranges (FCC)[6]Strong Interference (urban landscape): Approx. 1.5-3 km, Medium Interference (suburban landscape): Approx. 3-7 km, Low Interference (suburb/seaside): Approx. 7-12 km
Antennas: 4 antennas, 2T4R
Audio Transmission: N/A


Protocol: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.400-2.4835 GHz: <19 dBm (FCC/CE/SRRC/MIC), 5.725-5.850 GHz: <20 dBm (FCC/SRRC), <14 dBm (CE)


Protocol: Bluetooth 5.2
Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.400-2.4835 GHz: <8 dBm

Intelligent Flight Battery

Capacity: 2453 mAh
Weight: Approx. 80.5 g
Voltage: 7.38 V
Charging Voltage Limit: 8.5 V
Battery Type: Li-ion
Energy: 18.1 Wh
Max Charging Power: 37 W
Charging Time: 64 mins (with DJI 30W USB-C Charger)
Charging Temperature Range: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)
Recommended Charger: DJI 30W USB-C Charger or other USB Power Delivery chargers

Intelligent Flight Battery Plus[7]

Capacity: 3850 mAh
Weight: Approx. 121 g
Voltage: 7.38 V
Charging Voltage Limit: 8.5 V
Battery Type: Li-ion
Energy: 28.4 Wh
Max Charging Power: 58 W
Charging Time: 101 mins (with DJI 30W USB-C Charger)
Charging Temperature Range: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)
Recommended Charger: DJI 30W USB-C Charger or other USB Power Delivery chargers

Memory Cards

Supported Memory Cards: UHS-I Speed Class 3 or above is required. A list of recommended microSD cards can be found below.
Recommended microSD Cards: 

SanDisk Extreme 64GB V30 A1 microSDXC
SanDisk Extreme 128GB V30 A2 microSDXC
SanDisk Extreme 256GB V30 A2 microSDXC
SanDisk Extreme 512GB V30 A2 microSDXC
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB V30 A2 microSDXC
SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB V30 A2 microSDXC
SanDisk Extreme Pro 400GB V30 A2 microSDXC
SanDisk High Endurance 64GB V30 microSDXC
SanDisk High Endurance 256GB V30 microSDXC
SanDisk Max Endurance 32GB V30 microSDHC
SanDisk Max Endurance 128GB V30 microSDXC
SanDisk Max Endurance 256GB V30 microSDXC
Kingston Canvas Go!Plus 64GB V30 A2 microSDXC
Kingston Canvas Go!Plus 256GB V30 A2 microSDXC
Lexar High Endurance 64GB V30 microSDXC
Lexar High Endurance 128GB V30 microSDXC
Lexar 667x 64GB V30 A1 microSDXC
Lexar 633x 256GB V30 A1 microSDXC
Lexar 1066x 64GB V30 A2 microSDXC
Lexar 1066x 128GB V30 A2 microSDXC
Lexar 1066x 256GB V30 A2 microSDXC
Samsung Pro Plus 128GB V30 A2 microSDXC
Samsung EVO Plus 512GB microSDXC


In the box

DJI Mini 3 Pro × 1
DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery × 1
Spare Propellers (Pair) × 1
Gimbal Protector × 1
Type-C to Type-C PD Cable × 1
Screwdriver × 1
Screws × 6


By buying from Ferntech, you'll have the confidence that you are dealing directly with New Zealand's leading drone experts. Our staff are knowledgable drone pilots who offer expert advice, trusted support and superior specialist service. Only through us will you receive a full New Zealand warranty, phone and email support, and access to our certified Repairs Centre with DJI-qualified drone technicians. And we guarantee that we will have the best prices on the market — if not let us know and we will match any price (conditions apply).


Warranty Details



Compared with previous products, what upgrades does DJI Mini 3 Pro have?

Compared with DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2, DJI Mini 3 Pro has improved battery life, intelligent features, video transmission, and a fully upgraded imaging system and visual sensing system.
Specifically: Inheriting the 249 g light and compact body of DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini 3 Pro comes with a 1/1.3-inch image sensor that supports native HDR. It supports three-directional obstacle sensing and the newly upgraded APAS 4.0 (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems). DJI Mini 3 Pro's battery life has been extended to up to 47 minutes. * It supports DJI O3 FHD digital video transmission, ensuring a stable live feed at distances of up to 12 km. DJI Mini 3 Pro also supports intelligent features like FocusTrack, True Vertical Shooting, Timelapse, MasterShots, and High-Speed QuickTransfer.
** With the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, flying constantly at 21.6 kph in windless conditions. With the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (sold separately in selected countries), the aircraft will weigh more than 249 g, please check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations before flying.


How do I turn on DJI Mini 3 Pro after unboxing?

To ensure transportation safety, DJI Mini 3 Pro flight batteries are set to Sleep mode before shipping.
Before using, insert the battery into the aircraft or charging hub, and connect the battery charger to charge and activate the battery.
After activating the battery, press the power button once and then press again and hold to turn on the aircraft.


How do I activate DJI Mini 3 Pro?

With the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller:
Connect your mobile device (connected to the internet) with the remote controller, and then connect to DJI Mini 3 Pro via the DJI Fly app. Follow instructions in the app to activate DJI Mini 3 Pro.

With DJI RC:
When using DJI RC for the first time, connect to Wi-Fi or a smartphone hot spot to connect to the internet, and follow instructions in the app to activate DJI RC. After activating DJI RC, connect it with DJI Mini 3 Pro via the DJI Fly app. Follow instructions in the app to activate the aircraft.


Is DJI Mini 3 Pro waterproof?

No. Avoid contact with water during use as it may lead to damage of the device.
If it rains during the flight, please return and land as soon as possible, and wait till the aircraft is fully dry inside and out before using again.


Before using DJI Mini 3 Pro, what app do I need to install?

DJI Mini 3 Pro can only be used with the DJI Fly app. You can download the DJI Fly app from the Downloads page on the DJI official website. Please check compatibility on the website.
* If you are using DJI RC as the remote controller, it comes with the DJI Fly app pre-installed.


Why does DJI Mini 3 Pro have an all-new look?

DJI Mini 3 Pro adopts a redesigned structure and form, bringing the following advantages:
1. Longer battery life at the same compact size: The new form and design allow the drone to carry larger propellers and improve the propulsion efficiency of the propellers and the aircraft, bringing longer battery life.
2. Broader environment sensing range: The new design enables the drone to carry sensors with a larger FOV, further increasing the sensing range and distance. DJI Mini 3 Pro thus provides more powerful visual sensing capabilities, improving flexibility and safety during flight and obstacle avoidance.
3. True Vertical Shooting and expanded axes: The new design allows users to get portrait shots without the need for digital cropping. Fewer gimbal limits mean more shooting angles and added creative freedom. During high-speed flight, the aircraft angle also has less restrictions on the gimbal and the shooting angle.


Why are the backward vision sensors of DJI Mini 3 Pro placed on top of the airframe?

DJI Mini 3 Pro uses an all-new vision sensor layout that effectively addresses the problem of the sensors being covered by the propellers when flying backward. This improves the sensing range and performance to provide added safety for users.


What is the wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 3 Pro?

The max wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 3 Pro is 10.7 m/s (Level 5).
* Wind resistance is dependent upon propulsion. Under strong winds, due to the lightweight nature of the drone, slight vibration is expected. High-powered propulsion ensures the drone hovers stably or returns to home safely. DJI Mini 3 Pro automatically controls the gimbal to adjust slightly to ensure that the footage is always stable and not affected by the wind.




Does DJI Mini 3 Pro support Manual mode for shooting photos and video?

Yes. You can manually set camera parameters like shutter speed, ISO, and white balance in the DJI Fly app.


How do I enable HDR on DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Photo mode: In Single Shot mode, DJI Mini 3 Pro can recognize the scene and automatically enables HDR for better dynamic range.
Video mode: When recording video at 30fps or lower, DJI Mini 3 Pro automatically enables HDR.


What video resolution of DJI Mini 3 Pro delivers the best image quality?

When recording at 4K/30fps, DJI Mini 3 Pro can deliver optimal footage quality that takes care of both dynamic range and image details.
If you need smoother footage, you can set the frame rate to 48/50/60fps. The dynamic range of these frame rates will decrease relatively.


Video Transmission


Compared with OcuSync 2.0, how has DJI O3 Video Transmission been upgraded?

The DJI O3 Video Transmission System uses an all-new solution and upgraded dual antennas to bring FHD video transmission at distances of up to 12 km (FCC compliant and with no obstructions). Additional anti-interference capabilities further improve transmission stability in cities and other complex environments.


How has the High-Speed QuickTransfer of DJI Mini 3 Pro been upgraded?

DJI Mini 3 Pro’s High-Speed QuickTransfer supports the fast transmission of photos and videos at up to 30MB/s.


Propulsion and Battery


What is the maximum flight altitude of DJI Mini 3 Pro?

The maximum flight altitude is 500 m for safety reasons. Due to local laws, the maximum flight altitude may vary in different countries and regions. Before flying, please always follow local laws and regulations.


How often do the DJI Mini 3 Pro propellers need to be replaced? How can I change the propellers?

Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws. If any of these conditions are present, the propellers should be replaced. Follow the instructions in the user manual to replace the propellers.
Use the included screwdriver to change the propellers. Please follow the instructions provided. Remove the two blades and screws from the motor, and replace with the new propellers and screws. Attach the marked propellers to the marked motors, and the unmarked propellers to the unmarked motors. Ensure that the propellers and motors are installed securely before each flight.


Can I use other USB-C chargers to charge DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Yes. To ensure charging speed, we recommend you to use the DJI 30W USB-C Charger or other USB Power Delivery chargers.


What are the functions of the DJI Mini 3 Pro Two-Way Charging Hub?

The DJI Mini 3 Pro Two-Way Charging Hub supports USB PD fast-charging protocols, and can charge up to three batteries in sequence. You can also use it for battery storage or as a power bank (storing at least one battery with ample power) to charge your mobile device or remote controller via the USB-A port.


Firmware Upgrade


How do I upgrade the firmware of DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Connect the aircraft with the remote controller. The DJI Fly app will send you a prompt for firmware updates (if new firmware is available). Follow the instructions to update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller, battery, and other modules.


What factors can lead to an update failure?

1. When the battery level of the aircraft or the remote controller is lower than 20%, it will lead to update failure.
2. Powering off DJI Mini 3 Pro or the remote controller during an update. If this happens, restart DJI Mini 3 Pro and the remote controller, and begin the upgrade again.
3. The internet was disconnected during the firmware download.
4. During the firmware download, if your smartphone interface is switched to other applications, it may lead to update failure.
* During the update, the aircraft will restart multiple times and automatically shut down after the update has been completed.


Accessory Compatibility


What DJI Mini 2 accessories can be used with DJI Mini 3 Pro?

DJI Mini 3 Pro is compatible with DJI RC-N1 and related accessories, as well as the DJI 18W USB Charger. Other DJI Mini 2 accessories are not compatible with DJI Mini 3 Pro.


What remote controllers are compatible with DJI Mini 3 Pro?

DJI Mini 3 Pro currently supports two remote controllers - DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller and DJI RC.


Does DJI Mini 3 Pro support the DJI Goggles or the DJI Motion Controller?


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