Drone Fishing Release for DJI Phantom 3 and 4 (Gannet X Sport)


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The worlds first and only electro-mechanical drone release system. Also known as the ultimate release system!

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Scientifically proven to be the worlds best pressure release system

The worlds first and only electro-mechanical drone release system (patent pending). Also known as our ultimate release system!

Take the Gannet X and combined it with the Gannet Sport and You get the Gannet X Sport!



Fits all Phantom 3’s & 4’s

Designed not to interfere with your drones VPS sensors. All remain ON, unobstructed and active, no need to move it to the back legs to clear the sensors.

Mounts in seconds to your drone with no tools required, no removal of the LEDs lens.

Clear from the drone camera including the large P4Pro & Adv camera.

Over 10kg release ability - A Phantom can lift 1.4kg Max, 800g Max recommended bait, more possible but not recommended.

Selectable electronic or mechanical release - for the guys that fly amongst the gulls, adding protection against reel jams with emergency bail.

Is fully autonomous and self-sufficient with its own rechargeable battery, charged from an internal charger powered by USB charge lead in under 30min. A single charge can do over 100 drops, Over 2-week stand by if left on (warning this could damage the battery)

No need to modify your drone in any manner nor do you need to open it.

Central loading the same as all other Gannets - balancing the load on all 4 motors, this is fundamental to all drones.

All electronics are kept away from the light-bridge antennas and compasses that are located in all 4 the drones legs. Thus ensuring interference-free operation of your drone even at long distances.

Is activated by the front LED lights of your drone which can easily be turned on and off using your C1 or C2 buttons on your drone's remote * . Alternatively, you can set your drone's camera that when you start recording that it automatically switches the lights off, stop the record and the lights are back on.

Fastest one handloading of all releases, even while the drone is hovering. With no need for metal/plastic rings on the Drop-Loop. Designed for 0,3mm to 1,4 mm nylon Drop-Loops of either nylon or even metal.

Instant activation from the C1 or C2 button on the drone remote, - full distance range of the drone.

All 4 flight LED lights remain fully functional and visible (No LED is blocked off), Gannet X Sport can be used in Light or Dark mode (user selectable).

The best Gannet to date thanks to the patent-pending electro-mechanical release mechanism. Weighing in at only 60g. Weight saved on the release is safety gained for the flight reducing drone power consumption.

Because of it’s high accuracy, (±5% @ 800g setting) the release setting can be made higher than any other release, closer to the drone limit, resulting in more hookups and less missed fish throwing the bait/lure as the hook was not set on the initial strike, this when trawling lures or bait direct to fish. Same goes for reducing stress on the drone when dropping normal baits no need to set it too high, saving your drone in the long run.

The Mechanical release is activated whenever the pull force on the release line, the Drop-Loop, exceeds the user setting, so if set to release at 1kg you can comfortably fly 600-700g loads all day long, the trailing line, wind on it and the bait, is typically less than 200g in most conditions, so if you manually stop the spool whilst still flying forward the drone easily exceeds the additionally needed 100g - 200g releasing the load.

Instant release should the reel or line snag to above the settings threshold, same as it would if a bird was to hit the line.

* excludes Phantom 3 Standard that does not have C1/2 buttons and needs activation from within the DJI Go App

In the box

Gannet X Sport with Phantom 4/3 sensor x 1
USB Charge lead x 1
Body securing bands x 2


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Warranty Details

Essential Addition for Perfect Use — by ROGER GILES BARRY on 12 April 2023

I have used this product for close to a year now and found it faultless once you made one essential addition. That is to use black industrial tape to tape over the connection once you have fitted it to the drone arm where the light sensor is. This is absolutely essential as it cuts out all external light and enable the perfect release once you press the programmed button for release. Without this like black-out, the high intensity of the light in NZ will pre activate the release and frustrate you. If you go and look at the UTube demo's you will see that it is done inside and in medium to low light and the release works each time. But in the NZ daylight, no way will it work properly. It took me a few hours to work out why it was pre-releasing. This will save you the frustration I went through to get this great gadget to work perfectly each time.

Gannet X Sport install on a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 — by Kerry on 13 January 2022

This bait release looks like it should work well, haven't tried it at the beach yet. The installation instructions that came in the box have some helpful drone fishing tips. But as far as installing the product, nothing! There are charging instructions, and a picture on the box of it fitted on a drone. The charging instructions turned out to be completely wrong! Quote from installation guide: "2. Plug the USB into a charging outlet like a cell phone charger or your computer. The indication light will go off this means it is charging." "3. When the light comes back on the charge is complete, it only takes 30min from flat to fully charge so do not be concerned if after 5 minutes the charger is complete." Reality was! The internal battery was completely flat on arrival so with no on/off markings next to the switch and no light showing I did the following. Plugged the cable into a 2 amp USB wall charger and slid the switch in both directions until the light came on, 1 hour later the light went out and it was fully charged. Complete opposite to the supplied instructions! Fitting the bait release was easy enough but here is what I found. 1. The bait release could have been made about 5mm shorter as it forces the drone legs outward. This makes putting the gimbal protector on even harder and puts a lot more strain on the hard plastic of the gimbal protector. This is only if you want to leave the bait release on permanently as I do. 2. One of the front protector plugs and lens covers has to be removed from your drone to be able to fit the light sensor in position. This is easy to do but the light sensor does not click into position and needs to be held on with the supplied large rubber o ring. Once fitted there was a tiny gap on each side of the light sensor and the drone arm, I decided to fit an o ring between the two to keep any dust out. Note that once fitted the drone light will be completely covered by the light sensor. 3. As I want to leave the bait release on permanently I decided to put a couple of cable ties on the light sensor wire just to make sure it never gets caught on anything in flight. 4. It will be interesting to see if the bait release slides backwards when taking your line out as its only held in position on the drone legs by an o ring on each side. 5. The one led status light does come on when the bait release is turned on to indicate the open or closed state. This led is very dimmed while in use compared to when the unit is being charged, I assume its like this to save battery power. Note: it won't charge when plugged in unless it is turned off. 6. The desired safety release tension needs to be changed every time you change the gauge of your drone dropper line. For this sort of money Gannet could make some minor changes and update there Installation instructions. Over all the concept is good and I'm looking forward to using it.

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