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The Share UAV PSDK 102S V3 is a professional aerial surveying camera, delivering faster, more accurate photogrammetry results for a range of scenarios.


We’re excited to announce that we have a demo unit available, so please register below to express your interest in a demo of the product.

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As well as its 5-lens oblique camera, the PSDK 102S V3 comes with a range of world-class features, including:

  • A stabilised 3-axis gimbal: with 180° rotation capabilities, data can be captured from any angle
  • Self-designed mapping camera sensor: the SHARE self-designed S-OPG Mapping Sensor integrates data imaging, parameter settings, POS data writing, and dynamic image transmission
  • Instant POS data writing in captured images: the TimeSync 2.0 algorithm ensures that the camera aligns with the drone's POS data at a microsecond level


In addition, the PSDK 102S V3 is suited for a range of applications, including:

  • 3D mapping: City 3D mapping; Urban planning; 3D gaming scene building; Large-scale cadastral surveying
  • Close-proximity surveying: As-built surveys; Digital archeology and preservation of cultural heritage; Property digitalisation
  • Terrain following surveying: Mountain topo surveying; high-drop terrain surveying, natural resources management


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