CZI TK300 Drone Tethering Power System for M300 RTK

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TK300 Tethered system for DJI M300 RTK

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TK300 Tethered system for DJI M300 Drone, it is the world’s first portable tethered power station, weight only 28lb, backpackable, easy to use, quick deployment, single-person can be carried on the back, protection class IP54. Intelligent function monitoring and display.

The DJI M300 drone tethered system can converts single-phase or three-phase AC power into DC high voltage, and transmits it to the onboard power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable to continuously supply power to the drone. Combined with the use of backup batteries, it can achieve a max of 24 hours of continuous operation on the basis of ensuring a safe flight.

The TK300 tethered system includes two parts, the on-board power supply which installs on the drone, and the manual-automatic integrated ground power station. Among them, the manual and automatic winding machines integrate ground power supply, high-performance power supply cables, and automatic winch devices. The highly integrated ground power supply system not only provides portability, but also ensures that the automatic winding functions of 100-meter cables can be quickly executed, and can also reduce the impact and bending of the cable, which is a protective cable.



Tethered system compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK
Portable, Backpackable, only 13Kg,
IP54 protection class,
easy to use, quick deployment.
manual-automatic integrated winch system
Voltage and current overload protection
Intelligent real-time monitoring of system working status.
Safe and efficient.

Product Specifications

Drone End

Dimension: 134mm×92mm×97mm
Shell colour: Black
Housing material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Weight: 515±5g
Power (output): Rated 3.0 kw
Rated input voltage: 280-420 VDC
Rated output voltage: 36.5-52.5 VDC
Main rated output current: 60A
Protection: Automatic protecting the on-board power supply when the output current is greater than 65A
Automatic protecting the on-board power supply when the input voltage is greater than 430V
IP Protection Rating: not waterproof
Output short circuit protection: The output is automatically protected against short circuit and returns to normal automatically after troubleshooting
Over temperature protection function: Temperature protection is activated after 80 °C and the output will be turned off
Control and interface: Independent control link


Ground End

Dimension: 560mm x 390mm x 260mm
Mode of transport: Backpack, Handheld
Ground placement: 2 Folding brackets
Shell color: Grey and black. Color can be customized (suggest emergency orange yellow, public security black blue white, military green)
Weight: 13 kg (enhanced version)
Power (output): Rated 3.0 kw
"Cable: 110 m of cable (Coaxial two-core cable) Cable diameter less than 3mm, over-current capacity greater than 10A, weight less than 1.2kg/100m, tensile strength greater than 20kg, withstanding voltage 600V, internal resistance less than 3.6Ω/100m@20℃
" Rated input voltage: 220 VAC±10%
Rated operating frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 280-430 VDC
IP Protection Rating: not waterproof
Ground lighting: Integrated lift-able ground lighting module
Control and interface: Independent control link

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Warranty Details

When using TK300, the remote control prompts "The left battery of the battery slot is not in contact, please return or land as soon as possible" and "The right battery of the battery slot is not in contact, please return or land as soon as possible", what should I do?
Under normal circumstances, you can continue to fly, using TK300 to power the drone will appear this alarm. This alarm occurs because the drone is in TK300 working state, priority TK300 power supply, when TK300 power supply can meet the power consumption of the drone, the battery does not have power output, at this time will stimulate the aircraft alarm, there is no impact on flight safety.


How can I deal with the drone's inability to take off after loading the TK300 Drone End?
Turn off the drone, re-plug the drone end and then turn it on again.


Is it normal for the TK300 battery to be slowly losing power during use?
If the battery is fully charged at the beginning, it will slowly drop off when you use it, and the output power will slowly rise and stabilize after reaching a certain level of power and output power. If the battery is low at the beginning, TK300 will slowly charge the battery, which will affect the battery life, so when using TK300 products, the battery power should not be less than 80%. Stable power and stable power are related to the equipment on board, the length of the power supply cable and other factors, see the following table.



Can the TK300 be powered up before starting the drone power supply?
This is not recommended, as it can cause damage to the drone's electronic systems.


Can I handle broken power cable by myself?
When the power cable is broken, you cannot handle it by yourself, you must send it back to the manufacturer.


Which interfaces of TK300 system support hot-swapping?
TK300 is a high voltage powered device, all interfaces do not support hot-swapping.


How much load can the drone carry when using TK300?
The maximum weight of DJI M300 is 2.7 kg. The weight of TK300 drone end is 0.5 kg, the weight of power supply cable is 1.2 kg per 100 meters, if the hovering height is 50 meters, the weight of the cable is 0.6 kg, and the weight of other loads is 2.7-0.5-0.6=1.6 kg. When flying for a long time, the drone should not be overweight, otherwise it will seriously affect the life of the drone.

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