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305MP Five-lenses Oblique Mapping Camera

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Professional SGS Global Mapping Shutter

The Shutter is integrated with KIMOTO high-speed shading blade with a double structure to lower the friction coefficient, reaching 1 million times shutter life.

New Version Professional Mapping Lens

The S-ML 2.0 prime lens integrates multi-layer LD low-dispersion optics, Multi-layer enhanced nano-coating, and filtered UV and IR bands to suppress glare and clearly depict the details of the subject under strong light.

High-end Full Frame Image Sensor

The camera integrates the latest high-resolution SONY IMX455 full-frame image sensor, 3 . 7 6 um pixel size, over 61MP in each angle of view and a total of over 305MP effective pixels.

5-View Image Transmission

The 1080P dynamic Bitstream image transmission can monitor the working status of the camera, switch 5-view image transmission and automatically adjust the Bitstream based on the distance to ensure visual clarity.

800 M/S Data Copying Speed

Users can read the data just by a type-c cable without connecting to the drone. The copying speed of 800 M/s makes the work flow more efficient.

Independent Shutter Time Calibration

Each camera shutter is time-calibrated individually before leaving the factory, and the trigger time error is controlled at the microsecond level to ensure that the triggering of the five-view camera is synchronised.

Auto Adjust White Balance

The white balance is calibrated independently during camera module production, combined with the excellent colour correction algorithm of SHARE, ensuring the stable quality of aerial photos and uniform image colour.

TimeSync 2.0 Technique

TimeSync 2.0 time synchronisation algorithm is incorporated deeply to realise microsecond-level time synchronisation of flight control, single-view camera, gimbal and RTK, simultaneous trigger five cameras, instantly calculate high precision POS location and attitude information, greatly improving the precision of GCPs free.

Controllable Gimbal, Adjustable Parameters

The Self-developed 3-axis stabilised gimbal can increase stability when the drone is pitching, rolling and yawing. Users could adjust the shutter speed, ISO, white balance and colour mode by the remote controller to adjust different application scenarios.

Almighty Open Source Adaption

Compatible with a variety of open-source flight control systems, the gimbal and camera can be re-developed to realize monitoring camera operation status, controlling camera, data transmission, image transmission, GCPs free and other functions by developing the SDK, realising functional adaptation for multiple mounting platforms.

SHARE Colour Screen

Checking camera status in strong light

CNC Camera Body

Rapid heat dissipation and impact-resistant lightweight aerospace aluminium alloy can meet most payload weight requirements of drones and improve operating time.


Product Specifications

Size: 130*130*99.5mm;182.5*203*194.6mm with gimbal
Weight: ~830g ~1280g (with gimbal)
IP Grade: 1P5X
Support UAV Models: DJIM300 RTKother fixed- wing and multi-rotor platform
Power Supply: External DC 12-50V
Camera Interface: DJI Skyport Interface &Common Interface
Effective Pixels: Single lens > 61 MP, total 305 MP
Sensor: Sensor Size: 36*24mm(Full Frame);Pixel Size: 3.76 pm
Image Size: 9564*6376px
Data Storage: Photo/POS file with GPS information and camera parameter information
Focal Lens: Oblique: 56mm, normal incidence: 40mm
Oblique Angle: 45 Degree
ISO Range: 50-200;50-400;50-640;50-800;50-1000;50-1600
Shutter Speed: 1/500,1/640,1/800,1/1000,1/1250
Shutter Life: S-GS global shutter, 1 million times shutter life
Aperture Size: Fixed F5.6
Storage Capacity: The data storage module is pluggable and removable with 1280GB capacity
Image transmission: switchable 5-view image transmission
Parameter Adiustment: Support modifying ISO, white balance, color mode, shutter speed and other parameters;
Support modifying the parameters by DJI Pilot
Data Copying: Copying data by data reading module, the copying speed can reach 800M/s
Operating Mode: Flight control trigger/isometric trigger /isochronous trigger
Stable System: 3-axis gimbal (Pitch, roll, yaw)
Installation Method: Integrated quick-release interface
Gimbal Rotating Range: Pitch -120°-+45°;Roll: ‡25°; Yaw: ‡160°

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