Sniffer 4D V2 Multi-gas Detection Hardware

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This system is able to measure up to 9 gases (including Methane and Carbon Dioxide) at a time and visualise real-time 2D or 3D concentration distributions. Improve work efficiency, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.

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Sniffer4D consists of a multi-gas detection hardware and powerful analytic software. This system is able to measure and visualize real-time 3D gas concentration distributions. By providing timely & actionable information, Sniffer4D helps first responders, oil & gas industry, environmental agencies, and researchers improve work efficiency, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.


Typical Applications

Hyper-local Environmental Monitoring
Quickly scan through an area and obtain its hyper-local air pollution distribution in 3D. The results can be used to pin down exact locations of suspected fugitive emission sources, to understand how air pollution are transported, and so on.

HAZMAT Response
In an event of an emergency, before putting the health and safety of your team at risk, fly Sniffer4D into the scene to quickly identify the types and spreads of toxic gases, and define a safety perimeter.

Leak Detection
Efficiently gather distribution information of certain gases in oil & gas plants. Use the information to locate suspected leakage spots, and to identify the spread of harmful substances.

Ship Emission & FSC Monitoring
Fly Sniffer4D into ship plumes and it can automatically estimate the Fuel Sulfur Content (FSC) of the ships using its built-in inversion algorithm. 


One-stop Workflow
From data collection to result delivery.

Sense Up to 9 Gases at a Time
Sniffer4D is able to obtain up to 9 gas concentration distributions at one time. Users can flexibly choose or alter their sensor configurations that suit their applications and budgets.
- PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, CO, SO2, VOCs, Odor (OU)
 for ambient air monitoring;
- VOCs, CH4, CO, Cl2, O2, NO2, H2S, CO2 for HAZMAT
- VOCs, CH4, H2S, SO2 for oil & gas plant leak detection.



See Your Real-time Data, Anywhere
Sniffer4D's built-in cellular connectivity & US-based Cloud server enable secure real-time data transmission with unlimited range to decision makers in different locations.



Advanced Real-time Visualisation
Sniffer4D Mapper software visualises and analyses data from one or more Sniffer4Ds in real time, providing intuitive & insightful information for decision makers. 

One-click Result Delivery
After a mission, simply click a button to generate a mission report containing key results, or a CSV file containing all the raw data. Reporting your work has never been easier


Designed for Drones & Ground Vehicles



Designed for Simplicity


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